Eversource EV Charging Infrastructure

Electric vehicles have emerged as a popular and effective way to reduce the use of fossil fuels and associated greenhouse gases. Eversource is responding to the resulting growing demand for EV charging stations by launching an initiative to fully fund the infrastructure costs associated with the installation of car charging stations in approved locations. BSC…Read More

Camp Curtis Guild Invasive Species Management Plan

Located on 702 acres north of Boston, Camp Curtis Guild serves as a training facility for the Massachusetts Army National Guard (MAARNG). In addition to playing a vital role in our state’s and nation’s defense, Camp Curtis Guild contributes to the protection of natural habitats and wildlife in the Commonwealth. The property contains a diverse…Read More

Permitting and Engineering Services Houghton’s Pond Recreation Area

Acting as a subconsultant to HKT Architects, BSC Group was responsible for permitting, erosion and sedimentation control, and stormwater management for the construction of a new bathhouse and providing universal access to DCR's Houghton’s Pond Recreation Area. BSC's responsibilities included preparing the Notice of Intent and supporting DCR in obtaining an Order of Conditions from…Read More

Phragmites Inventory at Hockomock Wildlife Management Area

On behalf of the Massachusetts Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, BSC documented and mapped the current Phragmites australis within the Hockomock Swamp Wildlife Management Area in the Towns of Bridgewater, Easton, and Raynham. The project area encompassed 2,446 acres of the almost 17,000 acres that comprise Hockomock Swamp. BSC is developing a geodatabase of all…Read More

Horseneck Beach Campground Design

BSC Group was selected to provide planning and design services for improvements at the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s (DCR) Horseneck Beach Campground in Westport. The campground, which is among one of the most popular of DCR’s facilities, was in need of site-wide improvements to provide a more efficient, sustainable, resilient and enjoyable camping experience.…Read More

Permitting for Solar Arrays

BSC has provided integrated planning, engineering, permitting, and land surveying to support the development of  corporate solar systems in New England. Specifically, in the communities of Spencer, East Brookfield and North Brookfield, MA, BSC conducted feasibility assessments for siting of solar arrays, relative to stormwater management, site plan review, setbacks, grading, glare and visual impacts.…Read More

Ecological Support for Transmission Line and Structure Replacements

BSC Group serves as an on-call consultant to Vermont Transco, LLC (Velco) performing as needed engineering and environmental services for various improvements and upgrades to their high-voltage electric transmission systems. Under this contract BSC is providing natural resource area delineations, permitting, mapping, and general project support for the replacement of the three separate structures in…Read More

Mid-Cape Gas Main Replacement

BSC is providing compliance services to the Mid-Cape Gas Main Replacement Project, which includes the installation of 16.5 miles of a 200-psig replacement main in the towns of Yarmouth, Dennis, Harwich, and Brewster. Installation of the replacement main will utilize the “stove pipe” method of construction, however, jack-and-bore and/or HDD techniques may be used if…Read More

Transmission Storm Hardening Program

Under a contract with Eversource Energy, BSC is identifying and mapping environmental constraints, determining suitable structure access, evaluating permitting requirements, preparing and filing any required permit applications, and overseeing construction in sensitive areas. Collectively, siting and permitting projects have involved wetland delineation and GPS survey for over 100 miles of ROW, GIS mapping of wetlands…Read More

Southwest Connecticut Reliability Project

BSC Group assisted Eversource Energy in preparing the Connecticut Siting Council (CSC) Application, which included collecting supporting environmental data and environmental permitting associated with a proposed 115-kV transmission line project. The new 115-kV transmission line will be approximately 3.4 miles long and will run from Plumtree substation in Bethel north to Brookfield Jct. in Brookfield,…Read More