Town of Belmont Belmont, MA

Belmont Center Pedestrian and Intersection Improvements

Working with the Town of Belmont and local stakeholders, BSC Group developed plans to create a safer, more welcoming pedestrian district in Belmont Center. By reclaiming portions of the roadway, BSC’s designers created wider sidewalks to allow for outdoor dining and increased access for pedestrians and persons with disabilities. These enhancements were coupled with streetscape improvements, such as street furniture, brick banding, plantings, trees, and lighting, to create an attractive and inviting commercial district.

These enhancements have applied a Transit Oriented Development approach by integrating features from the historic MBTA Commuter Rail station as part of the design palette, such as granite arches and lighting. A more visible and attractive station entrance help to strengthen the connection between the station and adjacent businesses.

Finally, intersection improvements, such as traffic islands and bump-outs, help to maintain efficient traffic operations while protecting pedestrian safety for street crossings.

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