Boston Water & Sewer Commission Boston, MA

On Call Services with Boston Water & Sewer Commission

BSC Group provided land surveying services to the Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC) on an as-needed basis in support of its Capital Improvement Program. Existing conditions surveys act as a base for BWSC’s water and wastewater design efforts; verify and supplement as-built data for completed projects; and facilitate the updating of the Commission’s GIS system.

Field surveys include establishing benchmarks, baseline reference points, as well as horizontal and vertical controls for coordination with BWSC’s existing information. Data accumulation utilizing BWSC feature coding includes topographical survey of roadway improvements and hardscape changes to update BWSC mapping. Sewer, drain, and water structures are field located with rim elevations, inverts and pipe sizes and materials measured. Resulting existing conditions drawings are prepared using the Commission’s Civil 3D template with fields notes and electronic databases included in the survey delivery.

Examples of projects include:

  • D Street in South Boston
  • Health Square in Jamaica Plain
  • Eliot Square in Roxbury
  • Summer Street in the Financial District
  • Snelling Place in the North End

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