Massachusetts Army National Guard Reading, MA

Camp Curtis Guild Invasive Species Management Plan

Located on 702 acres north of Boston, Camp Curtis Guild serves as a training facility for the Massachusetts Army National Guard (MAARNG). In addition to playing a vital role in our state’s and nation’s defense, Camp Curtis Guild contributes to the protection of natural habitats and wildlife in the Commonwealth. The property contains a diverse mix of natural communities, vernal pools, and state and federal rare species. BSC is working with MAARNG to develop plans to manage and maintain this native landscape.

Critical to preserving these species and their habitat is the management of 24 invasive species that have been identified on the site. BSC worked with MAARNG to conduct a site assessment to identify and map invasive species at Camp Curtis Guild. This data was used to recommend and prioritize actions for the treatment and removal of these plants, based on their impacts to habitat, cost and difficulty of treatment, and potential treatment implications for priority habitat and wetlands. The plan also offered recommendations for continued management and prevention of the reestablishment of the invasive species with a five-year planning horizon.

In addition to developing the plan, BSC conducted all permitting associated with the treatment of the invasive species.

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