MBTA Somerville, Cambridge, and Medford, MA

Cost Recovery and Litigation Support for MBTA Green Line Extension Project

BSC Group is providing cost recovery and litigation support to assist MBTA in recovering response costs incurred by the GLX construction contractors due to the existing chlorinated volatile organic compound contamination associated with an industrial facility adjacent to the MBTA’s railroad corridor. MBTA incurred extraordinary costs to manage contaminated soil and groundwater during the GLX construction.

BSC was able to secure this litigation work as a result of previous MCP services provided for the GLX Project by the core team while at another consulting firm. BSC staff served as LSP-of-Record providing MCP services for over 40 Release Tracking Numbers (RTNs) concurrently. The core team’s efforts helped the MBTA remain in compliance under the MCP with all RTNs. As a result of client satisfaction, BSC subsequently got involved in assisting MBTA in developing bidding documents for the Design-Build RFP to complete the GLX Project.

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