Eversource Various Locations, Western MA

Soil and Groundwater Management Planning

BSC Group provided soil and groundwater management planning services, performing pre-characterization of subsurface materials and concrete for construction projects including substation rebuilds/upgrades and transmission line structure replacements. For these projects, BSC retains the services of environmental drilling contractors to collect soil samples. Then our environmental engineers log subsurface soils, screen for volatile contaminants, and collect samples for laboratory analysis.

Following pre-characterization and the preparation of Soil and Groundwater Management Plan for each project, BSC advises Eversource and its contractor(s) on the appropriate recycling or disposal options available for the excess excavated materials and prepares any necessary MCP deliverables, including Utility-Related Abatement Measures (URAM) Plans. In addition, BSC supports Eversource and its contractors during construction by coordinating with the designated receiving facility and preparing waste profile(s) and shipping documentation.

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