Department of Conservation and Recreation South Boston, MA

Marine Park Redevelopment and Design

BSC Group is providing surveying, landscape architecture, permitting, public engagement, and conceptual design services for the redevelopment and design of DCR’s Marine Park located in South Boston, MA.

This project will provide a safe, resilient, and functional memorial coastal play park and gathering area in memory of beloved child, Colin McGrath and local community activist, Michael Joyce. BSC emphasizes the opportunity to involve local community members and stakeholders, who will provide insights to our design team about important features to be considered and included in the park’s redesign and improvement. Public engagement will play a large role in the process of understanding and implementing the community’s vision.

The park also holds historical significance with landscape architectural features by the Olmsted Brothers and the Kearsarge Memorial, challenging our team to integrate the preservation of historic and valued features in our design, while providing modern solutions in response to today’s changing climate. BSC’s team will work to incorporate native plant species into the park to promote resilient and ecologically functional landscapes, while also providing a variety of ecological services to preserve and promote native tree life. With the goal of developing an enduring community resource in mind, our team considers future maintenance requirements in all design decisions.

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