City of Quincy Quincy, MA

Open Space and Recreation Plan

The City of Quincy is undergoing extensive change and growth throughout the community. In addition to working to stimulate the economy, the City has prioritized expanding open space and recreation amenities to provide opportunities for wellness, socialization, and ecological preservation. BSC Group worked with the City to update the Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP) in accordance with Massachusetts standards and regulations.

BSC’s multifaceted approach to the OSRP process was grounded in community engagement to assure that the final report reflects the goals and priorities of the City’s diverse and energetic residents. Coupling this input with an extensive review of existing conditions, BSC updated existing OSRP maps to display a series of data layers including open space, priority development projects, rare species, historical/cultural features, transportation, soils, zoning, and environmental resources. The team also performed an analysis of demographics and environmental justice populations within Quincy.

The resulting plan highlights 26 sites across the City for improvements, including recommendations for connections to public transportation, enhanced ADA access, parking lot and lighting improvements, replacement and repairs to courts/playing fields, and updates to walking trails. The Quincy OSRP document will be used to guide city improvements over the next decade to maintain, improve, and protect public open space and infrastructure in a way that honors the City’s vision.



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