Walden Pond State Reservation  Concord, MA

Walden Pond Resource Management Plan and Visitor Center

BSC Group was retained to prepare the ecological and traffic components of the Resource Management Plan and Visitor Services Master Plan for Walden Pond State Reservation, an approximately 371-acre Historic Landmark located in historic Concord, MA. BSC conducted an ecological evaluation of existing conditions around the pond and within the Reservation. The site contains mixed deciduous and evergreen forests, hemlock stands, Heywood’s and Wyman’s Meadows, a beaver dam, a large open field, vernal pools, an esker, Emerson’s Cliff, a peat bog, and various ecosystems and wildlife. The Reservation also contains Priority and Estimated Habitat for rare and endangered species and varying upland and wetland ecological communities.

BSC subsequently assessed the extent to which existing conditions affect natural, cultural, recreational, and operational resources of Walden Pond State Reservation and also contributed to the development of an assessment of the carrying capacity of the ecological and cultural resources.

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