Soil and Groundwater Management Planning

BSC Group provided soil and groundwater management planning services, performing pre-characterization of subsurface materials and concrete for construction projects including substation rebuilds/upgrades and transmission line structure replacements. For these projects, BSC retains the services of environmental drilling contractors to collect soil samples. Then our environmental engineers log subsurface soils, screen for volatile contaminants, and collect…Read More

MCP Services

BSC Group staff provided LSP services for the remediation of a kerosene fuel oil (K-1) release from the delivery system of a jet turbine generator co-located at the electrical power substation in Pittsfield. The kerosene release occurred in January 2019 during a start-up test of the jet turbine when a fitting failed and 354 gallons…Read More

Environmental Due Diligence for South Coast Rail

BSC Group supported the South Coast Rail Project with environmental engineering services, as a subconsultant. The South Coast Rail Project, currently in construction, will provide expanded commuter rail access to Fall River and New Bedford in Southeastern Massachusetts. BSC assisted in the development of an Environmental Management Plan and Contaminated Soil Management Plan to prepare…Read More

Cost Recovery and Litigation Support for MBTA Green Line Extension Project

BSC Group is providing cost recovery and litigation support to assist MBTA in recovering response costs incurred by the GLX construction contractors due to the existing chlorinated volatile organic compound contamination associated with an industrial facility adjacent to the MBTA’s railroad corridor. MBTA incurred extraordinary costs to manage contaminated soil and groundwater during the GLX…Read More

MCP Services

BSC has been providing LSP services for four separate Release Tracking Numbers (RTNs) under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP), including site investigation and remedial activities for a variety of environmental contamination conditions. The project also involved the removal of the over 20,000 cubic yards of paper sludge from two former dewatering lagoons and a stockpile…Read More

MBTA Pump Room Infrastructure and Vulnerability Assessments

BSC Group worked with Mott MacDonald to implement actions identified following a 2019 vulnerability assessment on MBTA’s pump station infrastructure. Following the identification and assessment of existing water pump stations located throughout the MBTA service region, BSC was tasked with the programmatic development of a prioritization initiative, intended to obtain permits from the US Environmental…Read More

On-Call Siting and Permitting for Eversource Energy

BSC is providing on-call environmental siting and permitting services to Eversource, in Connecticut and Massachusetts, under an on-call Master Services Agreement (MSA). Under this on-call, BSC provides a range of environmental siting and permitting services to Eversource and its individual operating units to allow them to build and maintain their energy infrastructure and keep the…Read More

MassDOT On-Call Environmental Services

BSC Group is providing on-call construction assistance to assure compliance with environmental permits for construction of state and interstate roadways and highways to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s Construction Division. Expertise provided includes erosion and sedimentation control inspection, roadway design and layout guidance during construction, wetland science, water quality science, and rare and endangered species…Read More