Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) Franklin, MA

Design and Permitting Services for the Southern New England Trunkline Trail

BSC was selected to provide permitting and design services to construct a concrete culvert which will serve as a tunnel and provide a connection for the Southern New England Trunkline Trail. The trail system is a 10-mile facility that includes a 10-foot wide, shared-use path along an abandoned railroad right-of-way. BSC is preparing conceptual design scenarios and is considering a four-sided box culvert, a three-sided culvert, and an arched tunnel as options. BSC is obtaining borings for the proposed structure and wingwalls will be designed at the ends of the culvert to reduce the total length of culvert and minimize the length of trail passing through the enclosed tunnel. Wetland scientists are also working to delineate jurisdictional wetland resource areas directly adjacent to the project area in accordance with the Wetland Protect Act and the Franklin Conservation Commission Wetlands Protection Bylaw.