Farmington, CT

Farmington’s Village Center Streetscape

In collaboration with the Town of Farmington’s local officials, BSC Group is working on a streetscape improvement project for Farmington’s Village Center. BSC will aim to balance the economic needs of the city with the functionality of the town’s day to day operations. Specifically, BSC is providing an integrated team including urban designers, landscape architects, planners, engineers, and transportation specialists to realize the Town’s goals.

Through an analysis of the center’s existing conditions, BSC will develop realistic improvements that promote the center’s long-term vision. BSC will produce a streetscape aesthetic that preserves the local culture in accordance with the vision expressed by the Town. In addition, the plan endeavors to promote the growth of businesses and accommodate daily operations. Accordingly, BSC’s plan features the development of a flexible traffic, parking, and transportation framework that will support long-term improvements in Farmington’s Village Center.