MassDOT Various Locations, MA

MassDOT Bridge Preservation

The bridge preservation improvements for MassDOT bridges are intended to address localized deterioration consistent with bridges that are approximately halfway through their 75-year service lives, enabling said bridges to conclude their remaining service lives with greatly reduced repair and maintenance costs.

BSC Group has performed localized steel, concrete deck, and waterproofing membrane repairs, as well as cold planning of the bridge deck, overlaying with new pavements, and replacing or reconstructing bridge deck expansion joints. BSC has made improvements to drainage, slope pavement, and guardrail safety, along with the cleaning and painting of existing structural steel, removal of debris from abutments, and coating of concrete surfaces with an epoxy coating.

Finally, BSC has used fiberglass wraps as a protective measure at piers and columns, along with concrete repairs at deteriorating abutments and piers. Several bridges have undergone electrical improvements.

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