Norwalk State Heritage Park  Norwalk, CT

Oyster Shell Park Planning and Design

BSC Group provided planning and design services for improvements to Oyster Shell Park, part of the larger Norwalk State Heritage Park on the site of a reclaimed landfill on the Norwalk River waterfront. BSC’s award-winning Oyster Shell Park Master Plan, incorporates the design principles of art, education, and environment, creating an active and vibrant recreational space that draws visitors to the area and the adjacent museums and historic sites. Additionally, the use of renewable energy, including a wind turbine and solar panels, highlights the park’s commitment to ecological preservation. As part of the master plan, BSC prepared recommendations for a long-term plan with new park amenities, provided a projected construction budget, and identified possible future funding sources. BSC also provided environmental planning and permitting services, helping to identity Connecticut DEP’s concerns early in the design process and successfully submitted an application for Authorization for Disruption of a Solid Waste Disposal Area and the Authorization Permit.

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