Town of Stratford  Stratford, CT

Stratford Greenway Extension

BSC Group was retained by the Town of Stratford for the planning and conceptual design of a 2.5-mile extension of the town’s riverfront Bikeway/Greenway. This portion of the project will extend the existing off-road portion of the bikeway/greenway to the Stratford Town Center with several “spurs” connecting to points of interest along both the Stratford shoreline as well as historically significant areas such as Academy Hill and Mac’s Harbor. BSC is developing a unifying theme along the route to provide a setting that promotes bicycle and pedestrian traffic while providing opportunities for passive and active recreation for Town residents.

Working closely with the Town bikeway/greenway committee, BSC has prepared base mapping for the project area, completed a comprehensive assessment of existing conditions, analyzed various roadway treatments to accommodate bicycle and pedestrian users, and developed the conceptual design.

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