Randolph Redevelopment Authority Randolph, MA

Urban Renewal Plan for Crawford Square

BSC was selected by the Randolph Redevelopment Authority to produce an Urban Renewal Plan for the Crawford Square Area. The effort involved the collaboration of the town, development authority, stakeholders, and for BSC to prepare the plan. Guided by past renovations and projects, BSC furthered Randolph’s vision of a downtown that supports diversity, fosters inclusiveness, and stimulates economic growth.

As part of the planning process, BSC conducted a project area analysis to fully understand the specifics of the Crawford Square Area and, in turn, create an urban renewal plan customized to its particular needs. Additionally, BSC worked with Randolph staff to plan and organize community outreach efforts. In this effort, BSC prepared presentation materials to be used at public workshops. The completed Urban Renewal Plan served as an effective framework for sustained economic improvement and long-term goals.


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