Soil and Groundwater Management Planning

BSC Group provided soil and groundwater management planning services, performing pre-characterization of subsurface materials and concrete for construction projects including substation rebuilds/upgrades and transmission line structure replacements. For these projects, BSC retains the services of environmental drilling contractors to collect soil samples. Then our environmental engineers log subsurface soils, screen for volatile contaminants, and collect…Read More

Resilience Planning and Flood Protection for Two Substations

After conducting a routing study associated with the construction of a 3.7-mile underground cable between the coastal communities of Beverly and Salem, BSC Group provided resilience planning services for the protection of two substations. We led the overall assessment and planning process, overseeing site survey and inspections, a flood modeling program, and GIS mapping. Data…Read More

GIS Standard Operating Procedures for Mapping and Data Delivery

BSC was retained by National Grid to provide Geographic Information Systems (GIS) standard operating procedures for mapping and data delivery. The standards establish consistent GIS workflow methods and maintain a framework for spatial data creation and map production. Excellent GIS standard operating procedures assure quality control of all processes involved and enforce consistency in spatial…Read More

Permitting for Solar Arrays

BSC has provided integrated planning, engineering, permitting, and land surveying to support the development of corporate solar systems in New England. Specifically, in the communities of Spencer, East Brookfield and North Brookfield, MA, BSC conducted feasibility assessments for siting of solar arrays, relative to stormwater management, site plan review, setbacks, grading, glare and visual impacts.…Read More

Ecological Support for Transmission Line and Structure Replacements

BSC Group serves as an on-call consultant to Vermont Transco, LLC (Velco) performing as needed engineering and environmental services for various improvements and upgrades to their high-voltage electric transmission systems. Under this contract BSC is providing natural resource area delineations, permitting, mapping, and general project support for the replacement of the three separate structures in…Read More

Mid-Cape Gas Main Replacement

BSC provided compliance services to the Mid-Cape Gas Main Replacement Project, which includes the installation of 16.5 miles of a 200-psig replacement main in the Towns of Yarmouth, Dennis, Harwich, and Brewster, MA. Installation of the replacement main utilized the “stove pipe” method of construction, however, jack-and-bore and/or HDD techniques were used if open trenching…Read More

Transmission Storm Hardening Program

Under a contract with Eversource Energy, BSC is identifying and mapping environmental constraints, determining suitable structure access, evaluating permitting requirements, preparing and filing any required permit applications, and overseeing construction in sensitive areas. Collectively, siting and permitting projects have involved wetland delineation and GPS survey for over 100 miles of ROW, GIS mapping of wetlands…Read More

Southwest Connecticut Reliability Project

BSC Group assisted Eversource Energy in preparing the Connecticut Siting Council (CSC) Application, which included collecting supporting environmental data and environmental permitting associated with a proposed 115-kV transmission line project. The new 115-kV transmission line will be approximately 3.4 miles long and will run from Plumtree substation in Bethel north to Brookfield Junction in Brookfield,…Read More

Mount Support Substation Expansion

BSC provided ecological, licensing and permitting services to National Grid and Liberty Utilities for the Mount Support Substation expansion and new 115kV tap line project. The purpose of this project is to upgrade existing electric transmission facilities in Lebanon, NH by removing an existing cross-country 13.8kV distribution line from the Wilder Switching Junction to the…Read More

On-Call Siting and Permitting for Eversource Energy

BSC is providing on-call environmental siting and permitting services to Eversource, in Connecticut and Massachusetts, under an on-call Master Services Agreement (MSA). Under this on-call, BSC provides a range of environmental siting and permitting services to Eversource and its individual operating units to allow them to build and maintain their energy infrastructure and keep the…Read More