Designing today with the

future in mind

Resiliency is the capacity for our social, physical, and ecological systems to respond to climatic and man-made challenges so that they endure and thrive over time. BSC Group takes an integrated approach to helping clients prepare for future challenges our communities and infrastructure will face in our changing climate.

Integrated teams of planners, engineers, landscape architects, and environmental scientists apply current and relevant tools to determine local vulnerabilities and areas of risk to guide decision-makers in planning for the future. Importantly, complementing the services of our planning and design team is the expertise of Certified Floodplain Managers, who consider impacts to both coastal and inland waters.

As a stand-alone service, BSC provides comprehensive resiliency planning services, from modeling to vulnerability assessments and resilient infrastructure design. Beyond specific climate adaptation projects, BSC applies a resiliency planning perspective to all project types, offering solutions to prevent, mitigate, and recover from future impacts associated with climate change.

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Jeffrey T. Malloy, SSSSNE, CFM, Climate Adaption Service Leader
Jeff leads BSC’s integrated team of planners, engineers, and scientists committed to incorporating resiliency planning as part of the design process. With 15 years of environmental planning experience, Jeff applies a sustainability perspective to a variety of projects types, including transportation, land use planning, and hazard mitigation. Jeff is a PhD candidate within the Natural Resources and Earth Systems Science Program at the University of New Hampshire, where he works toward the goal of identifying pathways to resilient policy approaches at the nexus of land use planning and climate change adaptation.

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